Creating a lifestyle vision in your home that buyers will desire.

You have invested time, money and love into your home and Home Staging can help you get the best return on that investment.

We are excited to serve you and work together ….bringing you HOME.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is preparing a home for the Real Estate market by de-personalizing, de-cluttering and defining the home’s character. Stage your entire home & property or room by room.

Why Stage your home?

  • Real estate is a highly competitive market and your home is your product.

  • Home Staging showcases your home’s best features.

  • Staging creates an inviting atmosphere, appealing to the widest range of potential buyers. By removing your personal stamp and revealing the homes character, buyers can envision themselves living there.

  • Staged homes sell on average 80% faster according to NAR. The cost of Home Staging in minimal compared to the cost of a price reduction.

  • Most staging expenses are tax deductible.

  • Home Staging will get your home “photo ready” and will help you photos to stand out on the internet and in the Real Estate marketplace.

Home Staging Consultation

A consultation entail a visit and tour of you home & property, research photography and discussion of any issues. Using note and photos a Home Staging proposal is presented listing organized recommendations room by room. Home owners can use this as a check list, or hire us to assist them.

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