My Painted Table

//My Painted Table

My Painted Table

It all began at… My Painted Table

When I started this business one morning I was trying to come up with a name and while sitting in my kitchen… at my painted table it came to me

My painted table was free, given to me by a friend. It had been discarded and it was a mess! My hubby lovingly  restored it. He sanded the old dirty green paint off and gave it a shiny new surface on the table top while I painted and distressed the pedestal base giving it a farmhouse look. Loving the way it looked and feeling rather attached to this table we saved  from the trash we employed it as our family kitchen table. It has been the noblest of tables where…

games have been played , scraped knees were kissed and little girl tea parties served on it. The once shiny surface has seen spilled milk, Christmas cookies cooling and healing tears shared with a friend. Important decisions were made at this table, scripture read and airplanes with green bean cargo were flown there.  It’s surface, now marred with the memories of crafts, school projects and a little left hander learning to write carved  two a’s on it. Of all of these, the most important is the grace that was spoken and received at My Painted Table! 

So, WELCOME to painted  table  designs  HOME,  I hope you come often to share some decorating tips and trends, good ideas and a few laughs as we enjoy…

…bringing you HOME


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