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Stepping into the store you immediately get the feeling you are home. The historical 1700’s stone building lends a beautiful canvas on which Brenda has created a modern farmhouse style characteristic of today’s lifestyles . Original wood beams and two fireplaces are used as focal points amidst artfully styled seating areas providing an inspired shopping experience and furnishings for your H.O.M.E.

Blending new upholstered furniture, reproduction industrial and farmhouse furnishings with local skillfully crafted wood furniture pieces creates a look that fits today’s casual family life. Inspiration is all around in beautiful art, curated groupings of décor and barnwood signs.

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Interior Decorating

I believe everyone deserves a home they love no matter what their budget.

A refuge from the world; a space to rest and strengthen; a peaceful and relaxing environment surrounded by order, memories and inspiration is what I strive to give my clients. I will work with you to simply develope a color palette or decorate an entire home. I am backed by an amazing team of trades people from painters and seamstresses to carpenters and contractors, bringing you the most qualified and talented artists in our area.

Bringing you home….



We help you LOVE your home.

This is an online interior design service for the DIY homeowner who is wanting direction. It’s an affordable solution that provides you with an outline and everything you need for creating a beautifully designed space all on your own.

EDesign Consultation

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Come often to share some decorating tips and trends, good ideas and a few laughs as we enjoy bringing you HOME.